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Hey everyone [10 Jun 2009|02:11pm]
I have been hugely busy working on so many projects! I think I have made a new DVD called "Rawhide" that is the pinnacle of my DVD career so far. It stars Audrey Knight and it ha sit all! I will be posting when I can.

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SPANKO ISLAND [17 Jun 2008|10:39pm]
In October....an exclusive resort will be dreaming it's way to you. Where you will be treated like a KING...a sous chef prepares your meals....BUT BEST YET... YOU WILL SHARE THE ISLAND WITH 4 BEAUTIFUL AND FAMOUS SPANKING MODELS " OUR FANTASY ISLAND GIRLS"






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Domestic Discipline... many different ideas [13 Jul 2007|07:00am]
When you hear the words domestic discipline, do you conjure up a picture of a burnt roast and an apron clad wife over her husbands knee. She is lectured on the price of meat as her bottom goes a deeper and deeper shade of red? Back then there was little to read about it. There was know real network like " Hey Sally, get out the chips the gang is coming over for red bottomed canasta.

I guess the main idea to me is this. " Am I in love with the woman I live with and discipline" This as opposed to living with a girlfriend who likes her discipline... but aside from that...no real connection

Then there is the extended stay domestic discipline situations. This is where it is agreed before hand or after the stay has commenced that during the stay you will be providing disciplinary needs to the extended stay guest.

Non shared dwellings... your rules in both places at all times? Just when in one place together?

Visitors... I have had visitors that followed the same domestic rules when visiting my dwelling
and were spanked if disrepectful of such.

Shared dwellings with submissives- Different rules all together. Probably the most simple. A list given in the morning of things to do. If not finished by 8:00 P.m. They will be spanked.

Does Domestic Discipline have to involve a domestic arena of burnt roasts, a fender dent, spending outside the budget etc?

Or could it be just a more traditional approach to your choice of positions, implements, and the idea of " I really love this woman!...so I want the best for her"
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The value of waiting to be spanked [08 Jul 2007|01:12am]
I was dicussing with a spankee ( my new girlfriend and everything) what she felt was the right amount of time to wait, reflect and anticipate a punishment spanking was in her opinion. She gave me a 5-15 minute opinion. Me I have done this for awhile. I doubled that time as I found out that can be one of the worst and best taught lesson of all. I have sent many to wait. I will continue to do so. The punishment itself is a whole series of things that come together to produce the " punishment dynamic" I found it works VERY WELL.

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Why some spanking models I enjoyed spanking hard...and why? [08 Jun 2007|03:20am]
Well lets just say there is many different reason to enjoy spanking a model...or any woman as a matter of fact HARD. Here is an example of that.

Tiki- Tiki was a very naughty and defiant woman. She constantly tried getting away with things she knew she would be punished for...just to see if she could get away with it. This type of behavior had me enjoying the spanking I gave her...knowing it would have to be SPECIAL to make her stop and think about it next time she decided to tempt fate. This spanking was for stopping by the old watering hole after work. Then driving home afterwards.
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The Disciplinarian Diaries [19 May 2007|04:18am]
In life you choose a path that you feel you were meant to follow. Some never find their paths. Some find paths only to find out they didn't really belong to them. Some follow paths that they are told to follow...because somebody else knows what was best for them.

My path has always been that of a disciplinarian. You can ignore the path for as long as you like. Sooner or later you will find that no other direction makes sense. I have been following a path for a long time. It has recently widened. Oddly enough this happened at the same time my dog Duke was killed. Not to mention the parting ways with my girlfriend Sierra.

Now Sierra was young and in a critical growth period of her life. Just like a fish in bowl... I saw her growing only enough to fit in our bowl. As the house seemed quiet... my puppy Kai made me smlie. I did some soul searching over a few days. I talked to women ( some I knew...some I did'nt) Many reached out when hearing of my sadness. It caused me to reach out and respond. I knew there were women who craved discipline. So I went back to the life that included a way to offer my knowledge to women who sometimes were scared shitless by the whole concept of a stranger being possibly in a position to spank them as punishment.

So aside from the web and spanking vid's I do... I have been spanking women with disciplinary spanking fetishes of camera as well.

One woman I was close to before.... another I connected with in a situation that could have been bad...yet turned out amazing.

I have been talking to others on line... arranging times to meet and then punish them. As you see in the eyes of these women..how much it meant. How they were not subjected to abuse by some hack. I reaized... this is a part of what my path has planned. You will feel a bond when it is over... you will feel connection. It was even more so with one... one who craved self discovery as much as the discipline itself.
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Dungeon Spanking... A Plus to further your skills [08 Apr 2007|02:48am]
Even though I spanked many spanko women ( and even got many vanilla women to try spanking) A good dungeon can remove some of the anxiety associated with spanking women. Sometimes the whole spanking fetish world will be complete with drama. You see a woman you like at a dungeon...you cut to the chase. No drama ( well usually anyway) Subs I had over my knee with fire engine red bottoms 3 years before. Well many are Doms....or switches in training to be doms. Many get a case of amnesia when it comes to these spankings. I usually play along saying " oh sorry...I must be mistaken"

I gained a rep over the years at certain dungeons as being a very hard spanker. If new subs ( or ones I hadn't played with before) found out I was coming in. They were briefed and told "If you are chosen " You don't have to take the session" If you do... "tell him you are a light to medium player always" You don't have to a heavy session if he requests it. My spankings were also considered a "right of passage" or initiation if new. Some of the more established Doms/switches told them that if chosen " You do the session.. heavy if he requests it"

I first came to the Dominion years ago ( usually always finding a nervous sub on her first day) I liked giving a girl her first spanking and usually chose them. There were the protective Dom's ( mother's I called them) that would get in my face saying " she is new and can't take a hard spanking...blah...blah. I never gave a new girl a severe spanking ( except once when asked for it) They stumbled, begged not to do it too hard. Ended up getting a medium spanking,marking like crazy,crying like a 5 year old. Then proud of themselves...wanting another session and showing off their bottoms to the other women like a proud parent.

You also developed special relationships with some women there that continued long after the dungeon's door closed for the night. A few who had an unspoken bond with you. Who turned to you in need and accepted your spankings gladly. "M' ( I don't need to open private doors) found in me a friend, confidant. and disciplinarian when needed. She did countless spanking sessions never crying once. When we met and she was spanked I managed to make her cry hard with just my hand. She found it "freeing". She came over one night and we talked about why. She came from a large family where spankings were as common as fritos at a picnic. She forced herself not to cry ( and got harder and longer spankings for it) She was too embarrassed to cry in front of her older sisters ( who too didn't cry)

She excused herself and went into the bathroom. I smelled the pungent aroma of pot as she flushed the toilet and sprayed air freshener. Whe she came back I said " If you want to smoke..ask" She denied it. I walked into my office where a large spanking bench ( very new) was. I called her in. She walked in slowly watching me pull a chair to the center of the room. She wanted to speak... her mouth seemed frozen. I told her to take off her plaid mini schoolgirl skirt. She moved slowly until I grabbed her arm amd spanked her bottom the entire time as she removed it. I told her to take of her black T-shirt that said " naughty bitch". She stood in black platform boots that came to her knee. She put her arms across her black fetish bra. I sat down and said " lay over my lap..quickly!" She moved fast and was soon over my lap with her legs straight and toes pointed like taught in sessions. Her rock hard bottom ( from years of gymnastics) clenched in wait of the white hot sting that hurt like no other. " I said only " rudeness and lies" will not be what we are about"

The first spank caught her off guard and she jumped and made a loud "aaauuuuuuhhhh!" but by that time a steady rhythm of hard spanks fell sounding like gunshots. She always pleaded before crying as if that embarrassment tried creeping back in. When she pleaded "promising never to be rude or lie again" is where the hard fast spanking started causing her words to quiver and get louder. My hand was hot as I heard the tears and sobbing begin. She cried trying to promise not to "be bad". I usually stopped when she cried... she expected it. She felt she was near the end. She was wrong. I spanked "M" for 25 minutes that night. Her hard and spank toughened bottom went blue and purple like a vineyard. The spots became raised quarter sized welts. Towards the end blisters formed and burst from the steady spanking. This made her new skin sting like crazy as she screamed trying not to lift her toes too high. When I finished she continued to cry as if she was still getting spanked. The salt from her sweat made the new skin burn. I stood her up talking her arm and marched her out to the corner making her stand straight , hands on her head, elbows out. I could hear her sobs and saw her shake as she tried to catch her breath. I said "15 minutes like that" she sighed. I said "ok 20..and don't leave that position. I postioned a mirror so I could see her from my desk. She didn't know that and after 5 minutes she relaxed and let her hip drop. When she reached back to feel her bottom I turned the corner as she tried to straighten up. I walked to her and spanked hard and fast as she tried to hold still. This brought new tears and new sobbing shakes.After she completed her corner time. We went to find some remedies for her raw bottom
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Spanking ART depicts a special night [02 Apr 2007|01:48am]
I am posting an art photo of a very special night in Tiki's spanking life. At the Fetish Ball I brougtht
a long handled bath brush with me. I informed her on the way she would be getting a public spanking. She was so nervous as I had her bend over the stage and bare her bottom. Mind you a performance was going on. As I started to spank Tiki with that brush ( This spanking was for punishment BTW) The loud "CRACK"S" could be heard over the thumping techno. The room soon filled. As I looked back I saw over 100 people straining for a better look. Tiki concentrated on the spanking at hand. A group of girls walked up and asked if they could try using the brush. I handed it to one and the spanking continued...really without missing a beat. Tiki had no idea these girls were lined up to spank her. By the time the 5th girl stepped up Tiki found out. This girl in careless haste spanked Tiki with the bristle side of the brush. This cuased Tiki to jump and her bottom to bleed. I snatched the brush back and spun the girl by her arm giving her some well placed swats. She ran off to find her friends. Then a loud applause filled the room. Tiki was blushing and smiling.

A pretty girl ( later to become Tanya Hyde) came up saying she really liked what she saw. We hung with her boyfriend and her till the lights came on. She wanted spankings but was afraid to let her BF do it. I spanked her in a smoking den before closing. She later became a popular model who I spanked for the site ( and a few times just because it was needed)
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Hanging out with..and spanking friends if deserved [31 Mar 2007|10:42pm]
So with spankings I have found your social life will take on the Spanko's/vanilla's/ Crossover's etc. By crossover's I mean friends in the more BDSM world than a spanking purist. You will also find that within these social circles one thing rings true with me. If it is time to spank... a deserved spanking. There is no circles seperated by a forward slash any longer. It is time to spank.

An example. When Jewel was staying with me as my assistant she was spanked frequently. Always sent to wait bare bottomed. Jewel hated spankings but had a deep connection to what it was for. She had a deep respect for me as a friend and would never question me if she was "SENT"

Jewel didn't drive and rode the bus to do certain errands for me. I can't tell you how many times she was bent and paddled for not completing a task due to "Bad traffic" She would often already have her pants down as she walked up the stairs. Walking by me with a sad little " please feel sorry and don't spank me so hard" look on her face.How she cried as the pine paddle bounced off her bare skin. How red went to crimson. How high she jumped and rubbed.

One day when I was on a gig. Jewel met a girl on the bus in Venice and invited her back to my place. Jewel was so distracted by company that she forgot her work that afternoon. I walked in and found Jewel and this girl "Candy" lounged on the couch watching a dvd. Candy was about 5'7" and looked like a female rocker. Slim but muscular. When I walked into my office I saw her filing was not even started. I called her in and said she was getting a spanking. Jewel blushed and closed the door. " Sshh, Candy is Vanilla...please wait until she goes Dallas" I told her to get into the other room where the spanking horse was and she walked out quietly as not to draw attention to herself. I walked around the corner and saw that Candy was wondering what was going on. I said " Candy, Jewel had responsibilties around here and forgot about them. I told her to follow me. She got up as I opened the door Jewel had closed with Candy in tow. Jewel face was scarlet as she saw Candy looking at her with her bottom bare and bent across a spanking bench. Candy said " You spank her for not doing her job?"
I said " yes.. it is easy..and when it's over ...it's over" Candy looked at Jewel who looked away embarrassed.
I paddled Jewel hard. She held out as long as possible but cried and promised not to forget again.

I walked over to Candy who said " I'm next huh?' I said yes..you will get 15..you can leave your jeans up' This is when Candy said " No way....Jewel had to take them down" She walked over and pulled down her white jeans as she moved to the horse. I gave her 15 solid smacks with that paddle. She didn't cry. She did shift her weight from foot to foot the whole time. I looked over at Jewel who watched her bottom go brilliant red.

When number 15 landed she whistled and said " I am glad that's over' She helped Jewel with the filing and they both finished the dvd they were watching when I got home.Candy was over a lot. She did manage to figure out when Jewel was in trouble and always had to "get home". Once I overheard Jewel trying to get her to stay for a spanking. Candy said " I love you girl... but that paddle is death" Jewel walked Candy to the bus stop and returned to make her bare bottomed walk to the room. 20 minutes later I call out " Are you in position?" "Yes Dallas" Sometimes Jewel would think about her paddling so much... she already had tears rolling down her cheeks. I came in saying " Hold on..this is gonna sting" I closed the door as she grabbed the bench hard.
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Abby- a spanking models rise to fame [06 Jan 2007|07:13pm]
A very popular model on the site is Abby. She worked for me twice, and got very severe spankings both times she worked. How it came about ( her working for me ) was as if fate itself had wanted her spanked. Here is her story...

I first met Abby on a popular television show in it's first season. When you work with people for 14 hours a day a bond will occur. Abby seemed either shy or a little stuck up at first which took a month before she began to drop her guard a bit. I
was real close with the other stand-in's ( this was Abby's job) and she finally started having lunch with the other stand-ins and me and a couple of my buddies as well. I saw now she was just really shy. She was new to LA and didn't know a lot of people.
She was a pretty girl but was very unsure of herself. Another stand-in she worked with ( K) was a real beauty ,and people didn't notice her as their eyes were always fixed on her.

On location one day there was a grand piano in the shot. Coming back from lunch I heard it being played and then signing accompanied it. I came into the ballroom to see Abby playing it beautifully and singing like any radio Diva you might tune in on the local FM dial.
I sat down on the bench next to her and she finished the song. I started clapping saying " that was REALLY good!" She said blushing bright red " Oh I am rusty..." I said " Except the compliment Abby". She said " you want to hear a song I wrote?" I nodded and was treated to a
very pretty ( almost haunting) love song. I said " What are you doing here?" This is why I came to LA... my music. This was something in almost two months she didn't mention to anyone on the crew. I said " you have talent... you are pretty...so I don't see a problem" I could tell
she needed to hear feedback and seemed grateful it was good. She invited me to see her band she was in play that night at a local club where they would let local bands perform one set ( of course they wanted all your friends to come and drink!)

I showed up and found her in the back pacing. "I am so nervous!" she said " I told her " just pretend you are back on the set at that piano" I bought her a shot and made her slug it back. The band she was in was too set in their sound to utilize Abby correctly. When her solo arrived the
cheap and road worn mike's didn't do her justice. She had something though and her eyes were fixed on me ( I guess instead of 30 or 40 strangers) We stayed too late...she drank a little too much. I had to give her a ride home about 25 miles away. She invited me in.. I met her very cute roommate Nikky and we talked for a long time. Nikky was a struggling actress who had just lost her job. This now added a little financial stress to these girls. I ended up crashing on the couch and borrowed a shirt from Nikkys' ex-boyfriend ( he'll never miss it) to wear to work the next day.

As we drove to the set, I could see Abby was lost in thought. I asked what the trance was about. She apologized ( she was a polite woman) and said she was stressed about the hours she was getting on the show. "I need to get another job to make sure we can pay the rent." I started to tell her in a round about way that I hired models... she almost rudely said " Yea, I heard about your little spanking business... like that is going to happen!" I didn't say much for awhile then said " If you need some work...it's yours" She smiled saying 'Thanks".

We still hung out...yet it seemed a little strained. I started going to the gym at lunch and that quickly we had become ships in the night again.

I got a call a week later and it was Abby. Hey, I am sorry about the bitchfest... wanted to tell you I quit the show and am going to work as a loan broker. I said " You know how to do it?" She said " No, they said they will train me" We said our goodbyes and that was the last I heard from her for 3 months.

I got a call on my cell right at the end of lunch. "Hey it's Abby" I could tell by her voice she was depressed. She said " I wanted to talk to you about that thing you mentioned" I played dumb ( she had such a little attitude...I wanted to make her work a little) I said " What thing?" You know...she said softly. I said "Help me out...I am drawing a blank here" She said "Spanking" almost whispering. I said " I didn't hear you" She said "Spanking...the spanking job you mentioned" I said " Oh...so now you are interested? " I could hear her voice crack as she was on the verge of tears. I said " You got it" She asked how much it paid...I told her. She and Nikky were 900.00 short on the rent and they were late. I said " Tell you what ... I will swing by and give you the models fee tonight...we can plan the shoot after that. She now was very grateful and promised to make it up to me... " I said " just take a good spanking for me" She laughed " I will try my best!"

I stopped by her place and gave her the money. Nikky hadn't worked and Abby was trying to cover her share too. I found out that Nikky was computer savvy so I offered her some file work and would pay her the rest of the rent money for it. She was stoked and promised she would do a good job. Nikky followed me back to the west side to get the disks I needed her to work on. She walked upstairs in front of me. She said " go on let's get it over with" I smacked her petite bottom and she giggled saying " Abby has been such a grouch lately....give her a good hard spanking for me!" I laughed as I handed her the disks " Don't loose these or you will get spanked too!" " I will guard them with my life!" She gave me a quick peck on the lips and said " You are a lifesaver..." and hopped down the stairs. Abby called and we arranged for her to work with me on Friday night. She said " It's going to hurt a lot huh?" I said " Yes" and she laughed " wow...you didn't even try to lie!"

Jewel ended up needing a place to crash that weekend ( it was just as well... she was behind on maintenance spankings) She showed up late ( to close to the shoot time to take care of her disciplinary spanking) I made a deal with her and would film a spanking prior to Abbys' arrival. She agreed. I got about 40 spanks in when there was a knock. I decided to use it and had Jewel open the door and walk Abby in. Abby seemed a little surprised to see Jewel . Jewel was a no frills girl and took her arm leading her in and to the corner. I cut the camera... introduced them as Abby noticed her bottom was red. She said " someone was getting spanked too huh?" Jewel who really disliked spankings ( knowing they were for her own good) said " Yes...and my spanking would have been over if you hadn't shown up early...now I have to get one later" i said " Jewel that was rude...now go and straighten up next door and we will have a talk about that little rude moment" Jewel " said " yes sir..." not before shooting Abby a look as if to say " Thanks this is all your fault" Abby watched Jewel's red bottom sway out the door. She said " I hope I didn't mess things up being early. I said " no... Jewel hates discipline....but can't function without it. She said " Please don't spank her because of me!" I said " Jewel is being spanked because of Jewel... she knows she will get a worse spanking because she chose to go that route." I heard Jewel making some noise while cleaning. I walked over and told her that I couldn't trust her to clean quietly so to come help with the shoot. She whined and said " I have so much to do...please Dallas. I said " Ok... one peep out of you and I will have Abby paddle you on camera. I knew that would calm her down. She worked like a mouse as I explained to Abby what would be taking place. Now she seemed nervous. I told her that I decided a series of two minute hand spankings ( HARD) would take place first over her jeans then bare bottomed. I would finish at the end with a 30 second fast paddling. I let her choose the paddle. She picked the wooden spatula.

With her in the corner I told her to add lib off my lead saying the story was a "party girl" who made the mistake of buying designer drugs from undercover cops. She was calmer now and we shot some various cornertime dialog. I said before rolling on the " lead her to chair" scence " This is going to be a hard spanking...you ready?" She said "yes" I turned on the cameras and walked in leading her by the arm out of the corner and to the straight backed chair... pulling her over I then decided to cut ( to get a better angle) She said " I was ready"... and laughed. I said " this is the technical side of spanking" and winked at her. After setting the new angles, I rolled and put her over my lap and in position. I lectured her about the dangers of yada-yada and got the spanking started.

I spanked her hard and fast over her jeans as I heard her whimper under her breath. When the two minutes were up I had her raise up so I could turn off the cameras. After that she walked in a little circle rubbing her bottom saying " man...that hurt right through my jeans!" After two more spankings like that she was starting to get nervous about the bare bottom spanking that was coming. I asked her if she needed a break " No...let's just do it!" As I pulled down her jeans to spank her I saw that her bottom was very marked and swollen. I gave her a good long bare bottomed one that got more reaction out of her and some misty eyes as well.I found out she was a tough cookie and stayed hard the entire way through. She writhed in place... curled her toes and whined through the spanking with a few tears here and there. Her bottom was a swollen, crimson and purple hot plate. I told her the paddle was next....she looked like she wish she knew more about spanking to know if she should be scared or not. She took her paddling and really reacted as it ended. I had her kneel at the chair and set up the walk to the corner shot. I remember thinking as she walked to the corner " This is going to be quite the site for the people at home. I could feel the heat coming off her buns from a good 3 feet away. We finished the corner time video and I needed to shoot stills. I left my CF card in the apartment where Jewel was and told Abby I would be right back. Her hands were on her head... as she looked over. " Right back" I said again.

I walked in the place and saw that Jewel had done a good job with the cleaning. I checked the office,,bathroom. "Where's Jewel" I wondered. I turned on the bedroom light and saw Jewel lying over the bedside head up... fingers laced together. She had put her hair up and was only wearing her shoes. She looked at me and said " I 'm sorry Dallas... I except what you decide as punishment and will wait patiently until you decide when it will take place. That was from a punishment manual she wrote some time ago. We got into a conversation where I explained her attitude was holding her back in life ( she used to have a TERRIBLE anger issue) She agreed and cried like she always did when she was ashamed of herself. She had gotten out the antique clothes brush already ( a gift she had given me that was identical to the one her mother used without restraint until she was almost 15)

I had her stand and took her over my knee locking my legs over hers. I picked up the brush and gave her a 5 minute hard paddling as she begged and pleaded and cried enough to soak the comforter. As I did many times ...I slowed down and asked her questions as I spanked her . Her bottom was puffy...purple and swollen as I made sure she knew that this discipline would continue until you say " I understand now and don't need this any longer" She had not said it in the 5 years since that first spanking she received. Since she got on her knees and asked for help 5 years ago, knowing she was out of control. I said " Go think about it...now" This was her signal for the corner and reflection. This is where she searched for a better Jewel. She was very serious about cornertime and the position ( she stood straight....arched back...hands on head) she stayed as long as she felt was needed...only she knew how much thought she needed. Then I realized that Abby was still waiting for me. I found the card and walked over quickly. She was still on the stool in the corner ....hands on her head. I said " sorry... I " She said " I heard"

By the time we finished still Abby was very stiff. She could not sit down at all. I wrapped the cameras and we went next door. Jewel still stood in the corner ( her bottom looking much like Abby's) I had Abby lie on her stomach on the couch as Jewel felt uncomfortable in the corner now and walked towards the bedroom. I saw Abby's eyes follow her bottom. Jewel got dressed and came out into the main room. I said " Jewel here's some money. Walk down to the 7-11 and get a bag of ice. She said " yes sir...anything else?" I said take the cell.... if I think of anything I will call you. She left as Abby layed there, her bottom up and she didn't appear the slightest bit uncomfortable with this fact. I helped her lie completly on her stomach and sat down in the chair facing her. She said " I am so tired....and sore" She nodded off and was sleeping. I watched her bottom rise and fall with her breathing. I went next door and finished up after covering her with a light throw. I heard Jewel come back and called her in. I said " go make a couple of ice bags" she turned and I said " Ice down Abby first then I will help you with yours. She walked off without an answer. She knew better....hummm? When I was done I went back and Jewel was icing the bare bottom of Abby who was now awake as the two were lost in conversation. i asked Jewel " Do you want 15 more with the brush?" She said "'No sir!" I said " Don't respond again and that will be exactly what you get. " Yes Sir" She turned and started rubbing a single ice cube on Abby's bottom. She liked it... I think Jewel did too. Turns out Jewel had stereotyped Abby and had now seen she is a pretty down to earth girl. They were already friends and Jewel asked if she could spend the night. The two slept in the big bed and I got out the roller for the office. I saw them talking as they both lied on their stomachs... bottoms glistening from their now set aside ice bags. We all slept like rocks.

Abby ended up working for me again. Nikky lost the disks I gave her to work with and had to pay back most of the money. I hired Abby again…This time implements and a lot of them.

Abby… is now a popular adult film star by the name of xxxSamantha Ryan. Perhaps she figured “ oh well..I already did spanking. More likely the allure of fast cash and a lot of it. Man..that Abby sounds like she could use another one. Remember…se worked for me before Hustler… Penthouse and the rest!
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Why does the beach cause naughty behavior? [31 Dec 2006|12:16pm]
I was sitting and thinking after hearing that " Don't make me pull this car over" line in a movie. I have done another version of that. I take them back to the hotel room, or house or even sometimes truck for a punishment spanking. Seems that the beach also puts little rascals and devils in the seats of girls that can only be exorcised one way. I never travel without a couple of implements in my bag. Vacations are a real slam dunk when it comes to " taken back to the room and spanked" category. If I take a woman on vacation and they act up- they can be sure that they will be spanked for it. I have done it in RIO, La Jolla, Hawaii, etc.

Some examples left to right: top to bottom

1) Sierra and Austin get into a little tiff over Sierras' bathing suit. I warned them and had enough. They were spanked after dinner when we got home.

2)S_____ A pro athlete that needed help with a drinking problem. That day she came to the beach to hang out. She bitched about having no money. Turns out she was offered work and turned it down to go to the beach. I took her back to my apartment and spanked her and made her think about it for awhile in the corner

3)If you take someone on vacation and buy them 50.00 surf trunks and they bitch about needing two pair. The girl is taken back to the hotel room and paddled. Like this day

4)If you want to have a bitchfest while I am sleeping on the beach...a warning you will get taken by the arm and marched back to the room and paddled. Like this day!

5) If a roommate ruins your day at the beach with some personal problem. I will probably help you. Then take you back and spank you. As was this day.

6) If you say you will meet me at the beach and don't... not even a call. I run into you later at the beach and you aren't sorry. You will be taken back to the apartment and spanked Stephanie

7) If you promise to do something and flake to go to the beach... you will get spanked Jewel

8) When on vacation in Rio. If you don't keep an eye on our stuff like told to. It gets stolen. You will get taken back to the hotel room and spanked Michelle

9)If you leave cigarettes on my lanai in Hawaii. You will get taken back to the room and spanked Samantha

10) If you hand me apple cider and tell me later it has alcohol in it as I drive on Labor Day to the beach. You will get spanked Austin

11) If you ask me to have a drink with you and do it with the intension of only getting info. You will be spanked Karen N.

12) When taken on vacation you complain when the vacation is free for you..You will get spanked

13)If you ask me to help you move and then give me shit afterwards as we walk on the beach...you will get spanked Raven

14) I pulled the car over and took you down a hill.. you got spanked and marched back to the car. Still want to question my driving skills LF?

15)If you invite someone to the beach and have a great day..only to bring up things from the past. You will get spanked..only this time it was on the beach behind the cove huh ....Mary?

16)If you have a place right on the beach in Kauai and you girlfriend still acts up...take her inside and spank her ..then outside too!~ Sierra

17)The 4th of July had many fireworks that day! Including the RED, WHITE AND PURPLE bottom huh Tiki?
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Rebekah - A REAL LIFE DISCIPLINE ACCOUNT [31 Dec 2006|11:35am]
Rebekah - a Real Story of Discipline
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It is always interesting to me when spanking websites have the cross-over real punishment sessions. Rebekah is a story of a single mother who had lost her way. She wrote to me about 6 months before I caned her in " Rebekah 1". She wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a session ( spanking) at her apartment. I grilled her about how she came to have my private e mail address. Finally after some failed attempts at lying she said " Luna gave it to me". Luna... I know that name I thought. Then I remembered I had interviewed and strapped her as an audition for my site. Luna had taken a good strapping and then disappeared. She was cute... I remember thinking " why take a strapping for free... when you can make some cash?

I snapped " well I guess you and Luna are in trouble then". I expected attitude...instead I got a "yes sir". After I was satisfied she was for real...I got her address and made an appointment for 3:00 P.m. the next day. I would go that evening at 7:00. If you are expected you don't see the real person. They plan for your visit. I would see Rebekah as she really was. I may sound rude... but if I was going to use this woman for a model. I wanted to see if she was the type that showed up for a shoot.

I rang the bell at 7:05 p.m.. I heard the faint sound of leather smacking against flesh ( I would know that sound anywhere) I heard an occassional "yelp" and some crying. Well someone was getting a good old fashioned whipping. I smiled until I heard a toddler screaming in another room of her apartment. The baby cried for 40 minutes ( about as long as the spanking ) The door opened and a very surprised older man and Rebekah paused a beat. I'm here for my 8:00 young lady. The man wanted to say something to Rebekah... but walked off seeming embarrassed that someone had heard his work.

She said " Dallas... I thought you were coming tomorrow?" I changed my mind and walked in. The place was horrible! Cigarette butts all over the floor. Clothes scattered everywhere. She looked for an excuse for the mess. I walked into the toddlers room. It was an empty room with pillows and some clothes. An empty juice bottle layed next to him. He was quiet now. I picked him up and held on tight. His pants were soaked through.

Rebekah said " I am trying as har..." I stopped her with my finger against her lips. I walked over to the couch and moved a leather belt off the seat. "Sit down" I said sternly but without raising my voice. She sat down quickly. I put her son on her lap as the urine soaked into her bathrobe. She talked to him and smled. He smled a fast little grin...then began to whine. I asked her where the diapers were. She said " I didn't get a chance to call pink dot" I said "go into the bathroom and make a hot bath for you both...now" She walked away again quickly...as if being chased. I checked the fridge and cabinets. This house was empty...nothing...nada

I poked my head in the bathroom and saw here leaning over to put him in the bathtub as the water roared as it filled. She did not hear me behind her. She had removed her robe and was naked. I was shocked at the state of her back, bottom and thighs. They were bright red with crimson rectangle's everywhere. I said "stay in the tub until I get back" She jumped with a little fright and turned around quickly. This gal does eveything quickly I thought. She was looking for a response...but was thinking of other things. I said let me help you as I walked over taking her upper arm and spinning her at the same time. I said " yes sir" ... 'yes sir"...yes..sir" each with a sound flat hand on her tender bottom. She repeated with me for a count of 6.
When I let her arm go she reached back and rubbed her bottom hard. She was doing a little tip-toe dance at the same time. She said " FUCK!!!! THAT STINGS!!!" I said " You are to never talk like that in front of your child like that again! She said "YES SIR"... "I AM SORRY SIR" getting in the tub and sitting down. I now noticed her face was very tear stained. I walked out and went to the super market. I bought out the store and came back. She called out " can we get out now Dallas...sir"
I said " yes come and get these things I got and dress your son. I had found some pj's too. She walked in naked ( by herself) I said " where is your son?" In the tub she said. I said " an 11 month old should not be left alone as I again took her arm. I spanked her all the way to the bathroom door. She was somewhat quiet as I saw her tomato red bruised bottom bounding to the tub. She said " see he is fine!" I called her over and she approached slowly. I took her arm and lead her out to the hallway. I again started spanking and she soon started crying and begged for it to stop. " I said " you know what that was for?" She said "No". I spanked again saying " I spanked you because him being fine was not the point (as she was now marching in place.) She walked back in to get him ( her bottom now swollen)

I put the groceries away as she got him out and then saw the pajama's and diapers. She started crying and I said " No time... dress him and come get a bottle I filled up and tuck him in" She came back still naked for the bottle. She walked away..this time with a spring in her step. Her son Caleb drifted off quickly in his little manger. She closed the door and came back in. I said put you robe back on and come in here. She paused and then said " yes sir" relieved.

She came in and sat fidgeting and looking eveywhere but at me. I said " look at me Rebekah!" She found it hard until I said I would punish her if she didn't.

I spoke slowly and concisely as she seemed to now be mesmerized. I said " You will listen and say nothing while I speak" If I ever come for a visit again and find your son without water as you are in a session yelling and crying so loud he can hear it. If you don't put cigarette butts in the trash...and pick up you clothes. If you don't provide a baby with a clean and safe home. I will deal with you in a way you will never forget...do I make myself clear!? She seemed confused as if she was supposed to answer.
May I speak to answer the question Dallas...sir" I nodded. She said " I understand... but what does deal with me mean? More spanking? I said " my hand is me being nice" " She said " it hurt more than that belt!" I had decided that tonight must be the turning point. I had her get up and lead her to the far corner. I pulled the robe off and positioned her in the corner with hands on the top of her head. I said " Stay there until I return" If I catch you out of position Rebekah... She said " No sir I will stay right here sir"

I drove the 30 mintues to my place, stopping long enough to get a few items out of my bag. I drove back and found her just as I left her. Her bottom now more purple than red. I had her leave the corner and come sit down again on the couch...this time naked. She eyed the small leather bag I clutched in my right hand. I said " I have decided to teach you a lesson that is severe...but needed. She started crying " Please Dallas SIR!!! my bottom is so sore! I said " It will make the lesson even more impressionable" She started begging " please, not tonight...please sir!!! PLEASE!!!!

I moved toward her and she leaned back as if to defend herself with her legs. I said " If you fight this it will be MUCH WORSE." She slumped and got up as I sat down. I said " you have a stereo?" She said I have "big computer speakers" I said walk over and turn them up high...most of the way. She played the music that was hip-hoppy and would blend spanking noise perfectly. I said " who is that?" She said " Me" I recorded it last year at RCA records. Turn out little miss had a recording contract...or she did until the lable dropped her for breach of songs written ( she owed them 9 songs....she wrote 0) She was talented. She stood listening to her song. I gave her a reality check when I said " come here and lie across my lap Rebekah" she did without discussion. I had the bag behind her as I positioned her hips upward giving a complete target ( her bottom) I talked again about things around here doing a 180 or she would know this position frequently. I unzipped the bag and pulled out a very stingy paddle made of maple. It always got a reacton from Scarlet....ALWAYS. On her tender bottom it will be a real awakening to what a spanking PUNISHMENT REALLY IS.

I told her to hold on and started the paddling with a rapid...but not real fast rhythm. It took a few swats to register but got her pleading and crying right away. I moved the paddle around getting every spankable area on her bottom that now gyrated
wildly. I stopped and said " hold more still or I go harder" " I am trying my best SIR!!!!!" as the paddle started again to more promising to be a good girl.... never be messy...take good care of Caleb!! Then the paddle again stopped but her bottom continued to burn. I said " Now... you had better be a cleaning machine around here....NO SMOKING INSIDE PERIOD! She groaned at that. I said "I will give you unannounced visits and you will be punished if you are not. She said "Yes SIRRRRRR!"
Because the paddle fell fast and crisp and hard. It went on for a 200 count and stopped. She cried and reached back to rub as she was lead to the corner. The music blasted.

She stood in the corner rubbing and shifting her weight from foot to foot. If she rubbed a very tender spot she cried out... with a steady crying that just kept on and on. I had her turn around to talk to her and saw that the front of her body for cheeks down was shiny with salt water and glistening. ( more than 96 tears)

i told her that was just the beginning of what to expect if she doesn't do what she was told to do. Rebekah blubbered and nodded , rubbing her bottom the entire time. I had her stay another 20 minutes ( she rubbed the entire time)

Rebekah had the type of skin that never got tough from many spankings. It bruised , healed and got soft again. So spankings always were HELLISH for her. She until now had only been getting the belt from spanking clients that did sessions. She realized now that the belt was nothing compared to what she had just expierenced ( even the hand was far worse!)

I had her get ready for bed as I put away the groceries and other needed items. She came out in sailor pajamas that were quite cute. I had her come over and I pulled down her bottoms. ( thinking she was being spanked again she panicked and pleaded) I said I was just checking out the bruising on her bottom which she now happily beny over the arm of the couch for. The bruising was all surface marking and not deep. The paddle I chose was good for this purpose- if more spankings are slated in a short time passed. ( In this case it was).

I told her the bruising was not bad..which she said " goodie!" I said that way you can get the strap tomorrow morning. She cried out like she was stabbed. "'NOOOOOO PLEEEEEEASE" I said " go to bed and set your alarm for 7:55 am. At 8:00 am sharp be bare bottomed over that couch arm. I got out the short stiff razor strap and layed it there. She reached and felt the strap....not liking what she felt. Please not on the bare...please. I had gone through that with Scarlet so much I was not in the mood. I said " bare bottomed over the couch arm at 8:00". Now go to bed and don't forget to set your alarm. She stomped off saying nothing. I called after her,That just got you 20 extra Rebekah. I heard her yell in her pillow.

I got there early and watched as the alarm rang in Rebekah's room. She had it on full blast which woke up Caleb...he then fell back to sleep. Rebekah layed in bed yawning and stretching as I looked through the sliver of site from the kitchen. It was now 8:00 and she was in bed. I called her cell phone and asked her when she answered if she was over the couch arm. " She said " yes sir...waiting for you" I said " You're not fibbing are you?" She said "no sir.... I would nev.... ( I stepped into the room from around the corner) She went pale and realized " She had lied twice to me" I told her to get up and out here now. She walked slowly... until a well placed spank got her going. " OUCH!!! OWW OOWW it is so sore Dallas!!!!" I walked her the rest of the way to the couch and snatched down her pajama bottoms before she even could blink. I put my hand on her back applying pressure until her hips found the arm. Her bottom was pretty much green already...with some yellow splotches. I said " If you are to change... that means EVERYTHING Rebekah. If you lie and pretend you are trying....you gain nothing...you risk losing everything. She listened...saying nothing but I could see she was thinking.

I said.."Here is the ball in your court,,,,ready?" She nodded. "If you want my help...which means you will be spanked everytime you screw up no exceptions we will get you moving forward. If not I will walk out that door now....no spanking. She thought for a full minute. She said " I need help and if it means your way... I will agree to that" I said " Ok....here comes the strap" I remembered to walk over to turn on the computer so music would help drown out the noisy strap. I walked back and she was looking at me. I walked behind her as she began to whine with anticipation. I strapped her long and 3/4 swinged which got some very high pitched responses, leg kicking and stomping, her fists beat the couch and her tears soaked the pillow under her head. I finished up saying here come those 20. I laid them on with percision that got her body almost levitating off the couch. As 20 landed her hands flew back and she fell to the floor clenching her bare backside.

I went and got the broom and for the rest of the morning she cleaned.....and cleaned. She did this bare bottomed...her bottom crimson and staying that way.

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Austin and Sierras' bedtime spanking [17 Dec 2006|06:55pm]
Here is what happens around here when two naughty girls bicker and joust with one another on a Disneyland trip. Austin already had a VERY SORE bottom....did that save her? NOPE Dallas
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To the CHEESE DICK from Appleton WI [17 Dec 2006|06:47pm]
That's right...you know who you are. Writing as if you were two people. You are a computer MORON who doesn't know about IP addresses. You are not only a dumb shit...but.. and hear this clearly...ready. Your service provider is telecom. I plan to lodge an official abuse complaint against you. As you start up your car on Harriman... turning onto Glendale maybe? You see idiot... I know EXACTLY who you are. Wanna play?


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Red Bottom reflection [22 Oct 2006|04:00am]
I know I talk about corner time, being a time to reflect about a spanking coming or just received. About what caused them to be in that corner...and most importantly what they can do to stay out of this corner. There are good corner time spankee's. Sierra can be...gets a little antsy. Tiki spent a huge amount of time in the corner... would sometimes have to be reminded why she was there. Scarlet seemed to relish the corner with her elbows straight out and legs straight, back arched. Some models are naturals like Sara, Snow, Abby, Dolly and Bailey...Lissa did pretty well too. Others were terrible with the whole pricipal behind it. Cathy and Lauren come to mind there.

This however is another kind of reflection...the more tangible kind. This has to do with mirrors and how they can be a spankers helper and something a spankee loves to race to ....to see JUST HOW RED THIER BOTTOMS GOT FROM THAT SPANKING. Anyone know the girls who are mirror lookers after a spanking...I have known a lot.

These are some reflection times where the mirror can add a little something extra to a photograph to make it a little more interesting....especially where spanking comes to play.
So girls when you get those spankings....run to that mirror ( get your spankers ok first though) When you are sent to the corner....do it right...it really serves an important dynamic to the entire punishment.

I would like to give this shout out to "de10tion" who got here first real spanking the other night. That a girl!!!!

Spank ya later D.
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Sometimes you can't be afraid to "Make them" [21 Oct 2006|11:53pm]
A thing one such as myself notices over the years is this. Sometimes even if the woman at hand genuinely wants the spanking as a way to give her the consequences, to keep her focused on her betterment. Even if she fully understands the peril to which she faces should she falter. Many times you will need to make her see the error of her ways...WHEN IT MIGHT BE MUCH EASIER TO LET HER OFF WITH A WARNING. You see she will still test you sometimes...there are times she really needs a strong hand to "Make her"

Make her what? You might ask. Make her obey and accept the conditions you have already understood and agreed upon. She needs to know you are strong..she needs to know you are the one who deserves this obedience. This is important... she needs to know you are real in your convictions..real in your role...as a disciplinarian.

If she lets say...has problems finding the time or energy to keep her living space in the order or cleanliness she desires. You must help her not only with a spanking..but to try to find a vitamin or iron supplement that might help as well. To find more time help, her with time management as well. It is not all about the spanking... it is about your caring enough to go this extra mile. That is being real. Keep a strong hand and an open heart.

Spank ya later Dallas
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Why can't spanking be considered an art form? [15 Oct 2006|08:57pm]
Who says a spanking website can't have ART!

So I says to myself "self" why can't a spanking website be considered art? It is a video and still representation from a passionate core...is it not? Maplethorpe, is that art? Yet many of the Madonna worshippers used it as a coffee table book? I am writing this tongue in cheek, as I have found people with fear of things they don't understand are "clumpers". Just like the guy who consolidates his loans..why ? Because it's easier of course! That is why they clump spankers and our community in the same group as beastiality, scat, and rape websites.

The reason I mention this is so my spanko friends out there in television land will see how ridiculous it is for these hipocrites to tell you that who you are doesn't fit inside there "bubble of reality". I don't know why I felt like saying that..humm,but somehow I feel better!

What a better way to segway into an opportunity for a NEW COLLAGE! This one is for all the clumpers out there. Spanking art has a place in this world...so do you and I!

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In a spanking relationship...get to know yourself [22 Sep 2006|09:47am]
I think a common misunderstanding in a spanking relationship is to over simplify it. If you say " hey, I like to spank, she let's me..far out!" You will miss the key factors. Sure you know you like to spank a pretty little upturned bottom. Is that all there is? Hell no. Sit down and discover yourself as to what you really love about spanking. Are you an erotic spanker? A discipline driven spanker? Do you like both? Is one a stronger force than another? If you get to know exactly what kind of spanker you are ( or spankee) you will know what to look for in a spanking relationship and a spankee as well. It allows you to open a line of conversation that will sometimes save you a lot of tire spinning if you are looking at a relationship goal. Even if not... find out who your play partner is. You might find out they are the one who shares all the same type of spanking interests as you. Find out what your play or date partners are looking for... what they love about spanking. What they hate. Listen..listen..listen. I can't stress this enough. If she/he tells you they hate many of the things you love about spanking. Well, relax, have fun, instead of not doing certain things she dislikes. Talk to her... let her know that you like these things and would like to be the one person who will turn her around about it. Now you're confident, asking to take control ( YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN OVERBEARING MEAN PRICK TO BE A DOM) When you ask her to try these things with you..YOU are extending your hand for the tango. She will follow if you lead.

Another thing is spanking can be a tough road sometimes when you set a high standard in mates. You want to have a cute, smart , spankable woman with a perfect bottom. To me it is important to be attracted to a spankee physically. Not shallow.. just natural. Some guys/gals will spank anything that bends over for them. Then you find... wow this woman isn't a raving beauty but certain circumstances occur where spanking them ends up SUPER HOT! If the woman is powerful ( her job or respect) spanking her will be hot. I spanked a female circut court judge, a female police detective, pro athlete's, celebrities, a female SGT in the Marine corps. They all weren't gorgeous but those spankings floated my boat.

A thing some do realize is this. Sometimes a woman can be right for you without having or knowing they have a spanking fetish. There are women who have had submissive thoughts all their lives..just never acted upon them. Spanking is a very Dominant/Submissive power exchange when discipline is the basis. Tiki didn't have a fetish when I met her. She just wanted someone to take control when needed. To make her resposible for her actions and decisions. She still is involved with spanking today in her private life.

You will find with discipline fetish that there are two routes I normally see. The spankee's that are submissive and derive pleasure from showing you respect even when disciplined. The others who want to be forced, wiggle, kick, and made physically to accept your spankings. Even if you like submissive... and she wants to me made. If you talk about it...you can come to a compromise. I am in such a relationship. I like the respect that submissive's show... she likes to me made to be good. As long as you set the ground rules and you both do your parts..it works fine. he learned there are times when she is marched by the arm. Other times sent to wait bottom bared and thinking about it. When the time has come for a submissive attitude and acceptance about what is in store. She will know when it is NOT time to argure, whine,pout, or disrespect you in anyway. I reserve these for the more serious behavior problems. If you have rules, or any understanding you must make it iron clad with no changes. If she is sick when do for punishment, postpone but never cancel.

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We all knew " The Color Purple" [22 Sep 2006|04:55am]
I would like to critically acclaim "The Color RED" is the driving force BEHIND any true spankers visions. A quest if you will for that perfect shade. That one color that says "yes..and what a spanking it was!" Alas, I can't FIND just one shade to adore. It is a moving color of changing shades building to crecendo like a sunset. Man, enough of this deep attempt. SPANKING IS AWESOME!


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Spanking and Art [19 Aug 2006|07:10pm]
To me spanking can be a very beautiful art medium as well. Whether a video, photograph, or other. What you have passion for in life is beautiful. Give no thoughts or considerations to the ignorant.

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Why do some girls accept spankings? [16 Aug 2006|07:40pm]
So I am standing in line at a cell phone store. It's Christmas rush... LONG LINES. I had just purchased a Minolta digital SLR (for the website) and am playing with it. I notice this tall girl in line in front of me. We start to chat about camera's. Then the conversation was directed to " What do you photograph?" I am never one to duck a "spanking question". So, I told her about the spanking site...my visions etc. She said " I never thought I would hear that much passion come out about spanking!" and laughed. I asked her what she did. ( I was thinking Model/actor). She was a model, but only here in LA for a week now. Then she asked me if she could work for me. I was surprised ( pleasantly). It was Friday afternoon and I had just booked her for a still shoot for Sunday, and a spanking shoot for Monday. So why did she agree to get spanked? She didn't need the money, admitted that her only experience was at the hands of her stepfather ( only very bad memories)

Raven was a high fashioned model I actually photographed for mainstream work first. My niece ( a make-up artist) actually got me the gig. She knew Raven and as the girls talked, the site came up. Raven giggled..yet told my niece she was interested. Again "WHY?" She worked all the time, was not into spanking. Yet she ended up working for me 5 times with every shoot being very severe spanking. She even talked her then roommate "Honey" into working for me as well. She cried during every shoot. Then asked if I had more work?

Lauren ( a personal trainer, married and mom to a 5 year old) - This was another case of "Why?" Lauren was a successful personal trainer. She drove two hours in traffic to the shoot. She drove up in a brand new Z3 BMW. Didn't do it for the money. She knew it would be a hard spanking ( which she had NO experience) She stopped for a margarita for the nerves along the way, driving and showing up drunk. This got her an even harder spanking. I couldn't resist bringing out the old "No Pain, No Gain" slogan that trainers love to throw around. When I called her the next day, she was in her pool with her bare buns being cooled through an innertube she was sitting in. She told me " I learned something last night" I asked her what? "I never want to get spanked again!"

Nico- She heard about my site in passing on the set of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer" She came up to me and asked point blank " Can I get spanked?" She was cute and one of the potential slayers. I said " sure, it is hard spanking though" She acted like that was NOT a problem. I really think 19 year old Nico thought this was cool ( am sure she wanted t brag to her friends). She suffered and cried during our shoot. I mean she was in serious spankin pain. Yet when I asked her a year later to work again. "Yes, I'd love to" was her answer. She wanted to work for me so bad.. ( her boyfriend was NOT keen on the idea) she agreed to a spanking from him that night when she got home. Poor things bottom was SO sore before she left. Bet it was more sore later.

What do you think the reason is? Belledoll, Tia, Brandymission, De10tion, flinchflower ,carlyinrome , emiliegirl, sierra_salem?

Spank ya later Dallas
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A walk in the spanking past [11 Aug 2006|09:29pm]
Man in a sea of updates, content, file sharing. heated political debates which started out as a spanking thread.. I find myself drifting back...to a time where I had no TV, computer,cell phone..hell I didn't even have a bank account. Keeping my money in a locker in our equiptment room. I didn't have to worry. I was a Beach Boy, protected by the powers of "Da Boys".

I was a surfing instructor and outrigger second captain ( working on my captains' license) people respected captains. I had only 1/4 Hawaiian blood in my veins. It meant I had to work harder, be faster, be tough or I would be eaten alive.

I loved it, and I was concerned with only finding my lessons for the day and a girl ( or two) to spank. I knew nothing at that time of spanking magazines. or videos. None existed yet. I knew if I worked at it a little, I would have a bikini clad tourist girl over my lap that night.

I developed a system that worked so well..it was almost too easy. I gave safety lessons on the beach. There were always a couple of girls not paying attention. As we paddled out I turned and looked at the group saying " I am responsible for your lives out there. Obey the safety rules I gave you...cause I've been known to slap butts out there. There was always a couple of them that laughed out loud and blushed. Those were the ones I would charm after the lesson. It never failed that a girl would do something completley wrong out there. As they paddled up, I would give them a good smack on their wet bikini's. Some would laugh..some yell "ouch that hurt..then smile. Others would be indifferent. Rarely one would bitch. I would put them in their place, letting them know that they could break thier neck doing that. It was all good.

I was in a place where girls came to Hawaii for 7 days generally, wanting to have stories for their jealous friends back home. Surfing instructors made for good stories. Many of these girls were naive about so much..petrified about sex. When you talk about spanking ( something that would not get the pregnant) they are relieved and willing.

Now here was the tricky part. Figuring out how hard, how much warm up, and how hard the final spanking could go. When you pulled up the little sundress ( they all wore them) pulled the full back panties down to expose the whitest buns imaginable. I always started by rubbing. You could tell when the bottom is tender by thier reaction. I found that if they are tender they will react the same way to the rubbing as a spanking well no quite but you will know how sesitive they are. Especially if you did some light tickle motion. Many fought hard not to cry, some balled from the get go. Others only got welled eyes. Some didn't cry and ended up taking a red bottomed express.

I loved it when the girl or girls gave me a real reason to spank them. These two super cuties ( who were adopted and spoiled) played the game "let's torture the adoptive parents" One day they told me they had climbed into many rooms via the balcony and placed long distance calls all over the world charging them to her dad's room.

When they finished their giggling ,I let them know how unfunny it was . I met their parents. They were very nice people. I started a stern lecture that had both of them frozen. They did stir when I mentioned "spanking" Mary the oldest said "I am 18 and to old to be spanked" However it was alright with the spanking of her younger sister. We discussed more, then they agreed that a spanking was ok. (This after I mentioned my brothers -in-law were cops and would frown on the room hopping.

Mary asked "on the bare?" I said yep... need to see I am doing it right? Mary shrugged knowing the answer already. Jo Jo the younger one (well one year younger) asked to go first. I agreed and told both to get up off the futon they were sprawled on. They stood slowly. I walked over to get the desk chair,putting it down and motioning for Joanne to come forward.

" unfasten your shorts" ( They were white denim and very in style) She did her fingers shaking. She got them undone. "Pull them down...to your knee's I said. She did slowly..she had a hard time getting them over her bottom. When they were down she asked "these too?" with her fingers in the waistband of her white with navy blue horizontal stripes undies " Not yet, come here. She glanced at her sister as if for help. She just watched as if in a trance. I took her hand as she tightened at first then relaxed , I pulled her over my lap. She now started to cry and say " I am sorry...I won't do it again! EVER I promise! I pulled down her panties swiftly and started right with the spanking. She bucked, wiggled, cried, screamed and begged. I gave her a nice, crisp spanking for about three minutes. When I stopped both hands flew back rubbing fast. She didn't even make an attempt to get up. I helped her to her feet as she continued to rub like she wanted to remove the hot skin itself. I walked her over to where Mary stood. I released her hand and took Marys'. She now stopped crying with a couple of breathy occassional hic-ups. Mary followed without fuss. She had on a dress I thought was blue...but looked more purple in this light. I sat down looking up at her. Her eyes were sea blue. I glanced at Jo Jo seeing she had stopped rubbing now,watching intently. I sensed that Mary was boss and she her minion. I also sensed JoJo wanted to see her get spanked. I told her to raise her dress all the way up in back and walk around to my right side of the chair. She layed across almost as if she would break if she was to quick about it. I saw she had simple plain white panties. She had a full bottom that was a little too full for those undies. I said "Mary, you are older...I also see that you pretty much call the shots" She didn't respond. I pulled down her panties quickly. She shuddered as if cold. I said "hold on". She gripped my ankle as I began.

I started firmly and saw she was doing everything she could to stay still for the spanking. She made no sounds as I spanked her hard. Her bottom was soon crimson. I turned it up a notch which got a slight Kooing sound from her. I continued well past the 3 minutes... finally an "ouch...ouch" in rapid succession. I turned it up again then all at once she cried out loud. I stopped after another 10 smacks. She slumped and cried, not even reaching to rub.
Jo Jo had a twinkle in her eye ( enjoying seeing her sister getting put in place) I helped her up and walked her to the futon where she crumbled. I motioned for Jo Jo to follow suit.

I said "tomorrow. I want you both to apologize to your parents. Mary looked as if to say "yea right... that's going to happen" I said if you don't we will start all over tomorrow. Mary was about to speak.. felt her bottom on fire and thought better of it. They both were concerned that they would get in trouble with the hotel if they told them. I knew that no one would be charged for those calls. I let them sweat a little and said "Ok.. I want you to go to them and tell them you love them and are sorry for all the bad things you have done lately. I am going to call them to make sure. Tell them before 10:00 am tomorrow. if you don't we will get spanking again. I said "now go home and get ready for bed you two" Mary said "Wha..?" getting a hard smack on her butt that took her breath away. They both left.

I called her parents asking for them. They said they had just left for the beach. I said "did they say anything" Yep. they are good kids who love us.

I saw them leaning ( or half leaning) against our paddle boats. They smiled and said " We did it! and it was pretty nice". They laughed about sleeping on their stomachs. I warned them that any mischief would get a repeat performance. We hung out until they left after a 10 day stay. Jo Jo earned another spanking for helping herself to my lesson board without permission.

Mary brought her over and took over with her prep. She got her pants down and panties too, leading her to me. Even helping her across my knee.

I had to take out a lesson board for two lessons. I hate that and tanned her bottom good with my hand. Mary had on her most grown up look as if saying " this is good for this child". When I finished she jumped up this time doing an up and down jump while rubbing. Mary and I watched almost laughing..but held our composure. She plopped on the futon and said "man that stung!!" It is still hot! She jumped up running to the mirror in front of the desk saying loudly. Man..it is sooo red..look how red it is Mary! Mary said " I think mine was redder" This almost turned into an argument. I said "well you can both stay here and end up getting spanked. Or we can go to the market place for banana ice cream. They both wanted ice cream..go figure huh?

I kept in touch with Mary for a couple of years. Jo Jo went punk ( not to radical) Mary was excepted to Brown University. She ended up with a jock boyfriend. Though they learned something that summer. More than the fact that "mahalo" doesn't mean trash can that is.

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Ok..decide for yourselves [28 Jun 2006|10:10pm]
So I am on a forum talking about my favorite subject "spanking" ( ya think?). I had mentioned that from my ties to the film business ( and knowing a lot of actors) I was able to pave a "spanking is cool" attitude to some of the "behind", and "in front" of the camera types.I mentioned that I had spanked years ago ( when a surfing instructor on Waikiki Beach) a sex symbol from the 60/70's. Then more recently in the 90's an upcoming starlet who was about to land a role that would change her life. The two Elke Sommers and Shannon Elizabeth. I spanked Elke after meeting her at the Kahala Hilton. Our little get togethers were short lived..but she did like spankings. Not hard ones..just so it stung some. Shannon I met through a mutual actress friend that was in her acting class. It was common to have a whole slew of her friends come to the club after class. My friend was a ringer for Shannon herself. Keep in mind this was the 90's, a fetish club, and microdot E-tabs were easy to get. She always traveled with the same posse pretty much. Two tall gay guys Scott and John,of course my friend M. and two other guys and two other girls. One girl always came ( she was way cute!) but always did "E" and had to lay down the whole night.

I heard from a guy I knew from the forum I was on, that this other board ( for people who have fetishes for celebrity spankings) were pretty much calling me a liar. I pretty much said to myself "whatever" and told the guy I knew to tell the "name callers" to write to me and I would personally fill them in. Nobody wrote. This guy now said everyone was jumping on the "liar" platform. Now I was getting a little pissed. Nobody really even knew who I was. What I have done. Who I have worked with etc. One dude went so far as to act like he was personally in the know. " He just couldn't say on a public forum". This guy is acting like a big shot ( at my expense). Then they looked up Shannons' age on the internet and figured that she was "Too well known" to have been in a club like that on her 24th birthday. They seem to get their only knowledge of anything from the web ( and believe it as gospel) They just couldn't fathom that a almost mid 20's actress would lie about her age in Hollywood. I mean she was up for a high school student role.

So I get pissed at the liar calling guy named Jeff. I said go on, ask questions...I will answer them. I would pass their test.. BECAUSE I WAS THERE...SHE WAS THERE..IT HAPPENED! Now these characters are all on the " It didn't happen in a million years" bandwagon Well.. not all, SOME wanted to hear more. One guy was trying to explain " I had been around..seen some things... slept in dumpsters... got high with kings" ( thanks K.R.) Then a few berate me for calling out the person calling me a liar! One guy cracked me up. He said how he had been in the military ,but was not happy that I said " I have been in the film union for 17 fucking years" I mean give a break man. Like you don't swear if people push you huh Bryce? Or this Huston guy who takes a threatening tone ( all behind the safety of his computer screen) not knowing anything about me..like the fact I was a K1 kickboxer in the early 80's I fought in the WKA with a 7th in the world ranking. Sorry to burst you litle bubble Houston...but I would kick you so hard, the thud would flush a toilet in Hungary
I am not writing this for the tight little minds I mentioned. Instead, this is for the ones who wanted to make their own decisions. One guy was cool....tried to be the voice of reason...yet they are his peeps (couldn't rock the boat and get these same blockheads...excuse me FUCKING BLOCKHEADS. GOT SOMETHING TO SAY BRYCE?) mad at him as well. Anyway this guy "Cinndunc" was cool, had an air of reason about him ( he used to be a member of mine) if you read this man.. I saw your rock and hard place..for that I thank you.

I am going to invite this board to the journal to let them see...firstly who I even am. Secondly, I will let some pictures and items I have up on the journal, let them know, I am NOT some pathological liar who has nothing better to do than make this up.

So anyway, this site is where they have every recorded celebrity in world history who has mentioned "spanking", got a smack ot two on a TV show, or movie or whatever. I mean if Vinnie Barbarino was found in some obscure episode to have walked by and smacked another student. You better believe it would have a thread and discussion about it. I mean it must me a facet of the spanking fetish or it's own fetish or something? I have a 24/7 spanking fetish... that stuff doesn't even turn my head.

So hear you go kids...brave enough to enter my world? your reward are some delicious tidbits.

I worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for 6 seasons. You can't work 14 hours a day with people and not develop a "friendship". I built my site "Dallas Spanks Tiki" at lunch breaks in our gold room. A few months later after it was up and running,someone got wind. There were whispers. Some questions. I didn't duck them. I told them all about it. Guess what? They thought it was cool! So here are some spankin haps around the set. I mean, I did bring spanking to Buffy afterall. Oh yea, BTW. The creator of Buffy Joss Whedon came up to me with a script in his hand one day. I called it "Shakas'episode" from beginning to end he told me. He threw in 3 or 4 spanking references in there. Joss would like little special meanings in his scripts sometimes. Since he was my hacky sack buddy, I think he was doing it as something kinda of cool. I had the cast sign the script with little spanking references. My friends Tony and Eve at Shadow Lane who were Buffy fiends got a real kick from it.

Alyson Hannigan was alway the mischievious one. She would tease me on set, in a loud voice. I think embarrassment was her ploy. Instead I laughed harder. So, when that didn't work, she would always be smacking the bottoms of her co-stars. Looking right at me when she did. ( Well, she never smacked Sarah... a subject doesn't smack the queen) She would however smack Emma Caulfield a lot. They were both silly girls and would often get in trouble together. One day when we were lighting the library, she was standing behind Emma and smacked her " saying " you liked that huh Shaka?" ( Shaka was the nickname I use in the business) She smacked her again hard and Emma yelled " Oww..WHORE!" Alyson said " don't call me a whore and smacked her super hard and ran out towards the stage door. Emma was in hot pursuit and she must have caught her at the exit. Loud laughing...I am sure Emma was trying to retaliate... Alyson ALWAYS got the better of her!

I used to bring in pictures from a new shoot. I printed them on my puter, and hung them in my locker for morale. Well soon it was known. The teamsters, the grips, propguys...even stunties were going inside my locker for a peep. One morning I came back to the truck and there was our Genie-op and Sarah herself. both with their faces in my locker discussing my new "Raven" picture. When Sarah saw she was busted she said " Oh Shaka really...and said to Mike " don't drag me over here" , I'm busy!" Later he confided that she had made him take her there.

Then Sarah got on the tease Shaka about spanking bandwagon. Now all of it was in fun..got laughs. One day she said " I better go study my lines or Shaka will spank me" Everyone roared! She had some new material. I could hear the crews minds turning. They were all pretty much saying the same thing. I would give a month of paychecks to see that!

So some cool things were coming to pass because of my websites' "outing". A real pretty stand in for Sarah came up to me and said " Shaka if you mention this to anyone I will deny it.. I like to be spanked" I said " I will try to squeeze you in" We both laughed. I knew she would be red... and soon. She broke her own rule and mentioned the fact I was going to spank her to Michelle Tractenbergs stand in R.R. She came up to me and said " Shaka, do you think I am ugly?" I said " No! you're gorgeous,,what are you talking about?" She said " You never mentioned once about wanting to spank me" I said that is silly....we were on a stage move and everyone was pretty much on stage 3 already. I said ' You know what?" Took her arm and marched her back to the lecture hall. Bent her over and spanked her crisply over her light cotton dress. She said " Ow..alright ..alright already" She rubbed a bit.. making me stay. I don't want someone walking by to see me rubbing my ass alone! She kept smiling all day...we had a secret and she enjoyed it! Every year on my birthday we had a little ritual. I spanked her after we went for a drink.

Taylor and I could not mesh with schedules. Her birthday rolled around. I came up and said " today..no excuses. We will find the time. Once again the lecture hall put us furthest from the IN/OUT door for the set. I gave her a hard spanking, slow well placed spanks that sounded like gunshots. She freaked out after 15, so afraid someone would see. That was a fate worse than death to her. I told her..." It is just postponed" She said " I never thought otherwise."

Taylor started going out with a guy on the set. She said one afternoon after hacky sack ( Aly, Joss Whedon, Nic. and Eliza if she was working, crew members of course, all had our hackfest at lunch): "What you doing later?" Taylor asked. I was thinking about other things. " What....later? Sorry....what?" " She said " Tonight sushi and my spanking" She walked off letting me optically feast on her super tight jeans. Yep , this was going to be a good night. After Sushi.. we went to my place at the beach. She was nervous, so I said " At nine o'clock you get spanked..no questions" She seemed relieved having a definite time.

Now why is it? That right at important times ( Like a beautiful girl pulling down her jeans for a spanking) women feel the need to discuss things? She was concerned about the guy she was seeing, and him finding out. She fidgeted with her button fly...took her fingers in and out of the waist. Looked like she was going to pull them down ... then stop. The whole time having me swear on a stack of bibles that I would not tell anyone on set. I was seeing only this "jeans tease." I said " I don't throw lit matches into a dry forest. As I did..I took her jeans down. She was shocked how they were up and now at her knees. I said, "now we can talk more" She said " I'm done and bent over the bed" I wanted her over my knee for a hand spanking.Now it was too intiment a position ( since she was seeing someone) Now more discussion... thank God she stayed laying over the bed! I said " The only fair thing is we do it both ways" She agreed. Man, thank the lord and all that's holy for the blonde gene. My finest memory ( well one anyway) was watching her do that funny " I have got my jeans at my knees, sexy penguin walk" over to the mirror to see the redness first hand. I don't care who they are, spank a woman she will NEED to see her red bottom in the mirror. Works for me!

This is my friend Eliza Dushku. We became close on the series. Hung out away from the set sometimes. Told each other secrets and things you could only tell "REALLY CLOSE" friends. She would ask me questions about the site, the models, how often I spanked Tiki and the like. Once she said " If I don't get more work... I might have to come get a spanking" I said " you'll be turning it down..but as a show of faith I will hold a permanent spot open" She said " but you'll go easy on me cause we are buds right?" I said " I can't do that...you get it just as hard as anyone else...it's nothing personal.. just business" She said " You're the spanking Godfather! I love it!" It was our joke for a couple of weeks.

So anyway..we are filming in the evil mayors' office and Eliza is like his hench woman. ( E. was a tough little cookie.. no act there) In the mayors wardrobe was hanging a big piece of fake human skin ( I hope it was fake..or maybe that grip that got fired) and a big, thick, broken in razor strap. Paul the first A.C. saw it and said " Shaka, would this be in your arsenal?" "Oh yea" I said. Eliza was hanging with us, waiting for final make-up touches, and shooting the breeze with us. I was now playing with the strap. Eliza said " Come one Shaka, one good one!" and bent over the dolly in those skin tight black pants she wore. I said " You sure Eliza?" She said " It's just one". I gave her a good one!. She stood up straight and started shifting her weight from foot to foot. She was trying to be tough. " Holy fuck Shaka! Why didn't you tell be how much that hurts!" I said " you asked for a good one" Paul her other buddy said " Yep, you did Eliza". I noticed she was crying and felt bad.I gave her a hug. The First AD saw me hugging her and her crying. Make-up asked why she was crying ( they were probably pissed it was a re-do) She said " I just thought of dead puppies as an acting excersise..it really works!" Paul and I had to walk out, we were about to lose it.You know what she did after that? That's right... went to the bathroom to see the strap mark on her bottom. The next day she said " Shaka, promise me one thing" I said " sure" " No matter how pissed I make you ...never spank me.. holy fuck! .. my ass is still red! I said " how do you know that?" She said " I just looked at it 5 minutes ago in my trailer. You see what I mean?


I WAS WORKING ON THE FILM " INVENTING THE ABBOTTS" A GIRL I WOULD LATER HAVE AS A PARTNER IN SPANKING CRIME WAS LIV TYLERS' STAND IN.SHE WAS KIND OF GAWKY AND A LINE DANCER... MAN THAT WAS IT. I WAS GOING TO INTRODUCE HER TO FETISH! I did and created a monster! I took her to Sin-a-matic...my crazy local fetih club. A new club opened on the strip that was super cool called " House of Flesh" It was there that M. got her first spanking ( and it was public) She was just getting the hand when a pretty girl walked up and handed me a leather paddle. She said.. " I want to see her get my favorite paddle" I was about to say it was her first..." when M. said " I'll take the paddle...if I get to spank you after my paddling" She looked at the girl right in the eye. The girl " Sindy" (no really that was her name) said " ok.. that's fair" Well, she thought so until M. paddled her. She was going to cry and said.."Please I don't want to cry here" ( some fetish law in her friends eyes I supposed) Mary said " we can finish at my place..now" She had this dom thing with women...but super submissive to me. We took Sindy back to Ms' place. I can safely say it was the paddling of her life. Sindy became that night M's' little spanking-sub. I gave M a very health spanking before I left. The two cuddled above the sheets with crimson "glow in the dark" bottoms.

I was talking about some of my adventures that weekend with my buddy.. a fellow fetisher. Liv had come up behind us and asked " What is the "House of Flesh?"' I answered " A fetish club" They called for her on set. She said " I want to hear more about it" I was thinking.."Man is she 18 yet? Shit I know her birthday was this month... if I talk to her about this will I get fired for "contributing'?

I found out she was 18 ( just turned) I didn't see her until the next day. I was walking to lunch and she came up beside me. You having lunch? she asked. I was getting ready to answer, when she said " wanna go sit in the barn...the loft" I said "sure" thinking it was strange.We went up the ladder and threw rocks.. She had a scene later where she throws rocks at a tractor. She asked if I could get her some rocks to practice with. I said " no sweat. Is that what she wanted? A rock fetcher? I used my shirt as a basket with a grip clip I found.. ( I didn't want to make multiple trips..on my lunch break) She started throwing rocks slowly....not really showing good throwing mechanics. She wanted me to throw too. "I thought....well so much for no multiple trips" She threw one more ( after I showed her the hand past your ear trick) Which see thought was like a "magical" thing. She sat down and I did..our feet dangled 20 feet above the ground. She said " When I do things like this, I want to jump down" I said "please don't do it..thinking " Did you hear Shaka threw Liv off the barn?" No thanks...She laughed..." I said "FEEL" like it.. I am much to chicken to do it" We had a chicken clucking contest,,which she won hands down. So this was it... false sense of security...then when I least expected it. WHAM..the old chicken clucking contest!

M, had mentioned the "House of Flesh" to Liv. She offered no details though. So that is it.. next source. She said " So what goes on at the " House of Flesh"? It sounds cool. I told her what went on, dancing, including girls being taken to the stage and spanked for a crowd that clapped, and yelled things. She said really?..I said yea. M. got spanked...I realized I probably wasn't supposed to say that. As we were called back from lunch Liv asked almost matter of factly. " House of Flesh" ( she now called me that as my name) " take me to the House of Flesh and spank me on stage" I was like...where did this come from? I said " It is a 21 or older club" I realized how dumb that was when I said it. She retorted almost on cue " I can get in anywhere" Well, of course she could... duh...She then made a joke like she was only pulling my chain. " Yea , like I would go there" Whatever reason ,I was off the hook ...until M. was approached by Liv and said what I had told her. M. was mad...I said " my bad...but come on" She didn't speak to me for the rest of the week. We were both holding fast to our stubborn natures "bitch " I said " asshole" she said.

That Saturday, I opted to go to Sin-a-matic instead of House. I knew M. would be there.... didn't want club drama. Well I am in Sin for about 5 minutes...walk into the lower area and end up face to face with M. At first both of us freeze. Then we start laughing at how we think a like. M. had bigger fishes to fry anyway. Sindy had stood up M. yesterday afternoon ( she had a rare Friday off) She had some excuse and was now late. M. and I discovered a big school yard one night awhile ago about two blocks from the club. We had met two other girls from N.Y and had taken them to the "School yard" for a spanking . That was the night M. learned about "wet bottomed spanking" I made the girl go to the drinking fountain and wet her bottom. M. saw the reaction. These girls had swollen buns by the time we finished. They were " party girls" so they weren't feeling any pain so to speak.. until tomorrow that is.

I made M. strip off her mini skirt..which looked hot because she had on thigh high black boots. The two girls and I rocked her bottom but good. The tall girl ( still naked from the waist down) was originally from the south. She picked a nasty switch.Man M. danced. I ended up holding her hands in front of her as that hissing sound continued. I looked at her after the girl had worn the switch out. She said " man, I liked that" So began Ms' little switch phase.

Later that night... yep, three girls face down and me applying lotion. They fell asleep in that position on top of the covers. It was the last thing I saw before locking up.

Sindy showed up about an hour later. M. was furious. Sindy looked at me for help...I just shrugged as if to say.." you're on your own". M. took her hand and walked her away quickly. Yes, that is where she is going alright. We had discovered a little bathroom behind the back bar. I had spanked M. and other girls back there. It is just big enough to put your foot on the seat and bend the naughty one over your leg. They were gone for awhile. When they came back, Sindy had a freshly washed face. She knew ,that I knew her bottom was screaming hot right now. M. said " I will need your help at the school yard later. M. was in a serious mood. Poor Sindy.

Later we all walked towards the School. Sindy was afraid and apologized the whole way there. It was falling on deaf ears. I knew M. was on a mission.I mostly held Sindys' hands in front of her. She was stretched out lengthwise on a concrete bench right next to the building. I thought this will be loud from the hallway echo. Until I saw her picking switches..a lot of switches. Poor Sindy

Sindy.. looked over at her breaking off branches. I had her hands held tightly already. " She said " She is so mad!.. please don't let her hurt me." I said "you are her submissive". " I will be yours too, if you tell her when it's time to stop.I did end up stopping her. M. was out of control. She had a little tantrum when I took the switch from her hand. I took Sindy home to her place. I helped her upstairs and gave her some cocoa butter I found in the back of the Super Bee. I took M. home and she passed out as soon as she walked in the door.

The next day at 11:30 a.m. I woke up M. who really wanted to sleep. I told her to get dressed. She whined which got her some serious standing up spanks. I drove her without saying anything. I pulled up to the "Pleasure Chest" which was new to her. We went inside. She said " what is this place? Until she saw the back room. "Time to paddle shop" I said. "For Sindy?"M. was hoping by now. "Nope for you." She had on colorful cotton pants ( that were really pajamas) but in style. I had her pick up a paddle and bend over. I gave her a hard one with it..then the next paddle. 30 paddles were tested. The girl behind the counter saw what was going on and gave us a 411 on the wood,manufacturer etc. I didn't have the heart to tell her I knew what she was telling us.M. scooped up the paddles from the counter. as she walked by salesgirl she swatted her hard with the stingy sealed pine paddle. It caught her off guard and she yelled out "OOWWW!"She smiled, although she was a little pissed. ' "I hope you put those paddles to good use!" she winced. I thought " If you only knew" I got 3 for 3 stages of serious. That night we made a trip up to the top of the observation tower where I lived. I made her take off everything , fold them neatly and grab the railing tightly with her bottom way out.. "What if someone comes?" she asked. "Then they will see you getting paddled naked" I gave her that night, a very methodical paddling. Someone ( a couple) started up the stairs. M. was nervous because I made her stay in position.They only came up half way, as we heard an argument was in progress. It was more the girl bitching, the guy saying nothing. I think M. was almost sorry they didn't climb. She is an exhibitionist by nature, who loves the attention when naked. Especially if getting an embarrassing spanking is part of the equation. I explained " you need to learn that you never punish a sub in anger" I made her get in a perfect position before each swat. That night I knew she learned. I made her call Sindy the next day and apologize. When Sindy came over she found a bare bottomed M. walking around with a swollen almost black in color bottom. She would remain bare bottomed for 2 days and in her apartment. Sindy said " If she has to...then so do I" She bared herself like her. I went out and got things to stock the fridge. I had three nails in my hand. "What is tha..." then she knew. I hung the three paddles spaced evenly on the wall next to her bed. Sindy saw them for the first time. "For me?" Sindy asked M. said " for us" I intructed M. that she was not able to punish Sindy for the next two days. " You are both the same right now" That was Ms' next phase " full submissive"

*** After M's' desire to be submissive. Sindy found another "lady". M ended up with this woman's ex- sub Tiffany later. More club drama. I hate club drama!

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Amelia Jane & Behind the Scenes [06 Jun 2006|12:45am]
A quick look at the beautiful Amelia Jane! A 6'!' drop dead gorgeous model... but her real beauty is inside. She is just a fantastic person... and a spanko!

As Tiny Tim said " God bless us everyone!"


Behind the scenes...

Sierra Salem sits and snaps a behind the scenes look at Dallas Spanks Hard.
As Amelia arches... Kailee and Lily play with a magnet game Sierra bought in the village an hour before. Sierra manages to get a little piece of herself (her shoe). Considering she was holding our puppy at the same time... she did fine!

anniversary [17 May 2006|04:24am]
To Sierra:

Hey little one..one year! wow..time flys I always get antsy before a flight. We have so much to do in the next few days.. I am a little overwhelmed with all the STUFF going on..but your sweet nature keeps me going. Our puppy and friend "Duke" gets here soon..I can already imagine the little guy chewing on my "bubbly toes".

All kidding aside Sierra...you made my year eventful..filled with fun and love. Traveling, and stuff I never imagined I would like...Disneyland all day adventures with You and Samantha Your bravery when a 4 ft Honu ( Hawaiian sea turtle) brushed by you.. When I told you that Honu are spirt protectors ( amakua) of many..you felt safe and snorkled even futher from shore.

I know I can be strict with you..I know that as you jump up and down rubbing after one of my spankings, that you know I do it because I care for and love you.

You have a cameleon spirt.. a little girl/ vibrant woman who keeps me young... keeps me focused and helps me daily with this business we both have so much fun with

I love you Sierra Salem! You are a special girl..please never think I don't know this.I love you always too little one..

Your Dallas

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